Real Estate Post Licensing for Sales Associates

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Welcome to our Florida Real Estate Post Licensing for Sales Associates course, a 45-hour review and applied principles course for newly-licensed sales associates beginning their real estate careers in Florida.  Successful completion of this course will satisfy your one-time post license requirement as a sales associate actively practicing real estate in Florida.

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Course Outline

1 The Real Estate Business
2 Real Estate License Law and Qualifications for Licensure
3 Real Estate License Law and Commission Rules
4 Authorized Relationships, Duties, And Disclosure
5 Real Estate Brokerage Activities and Procedures
6 Violations of License Law, Penalties, and Procedures
7 Federal and State Laws Pertaining to Real Estate
8 Property Rights, Estates & Tenancies
9 Title, Deeds and Ownership Restrictions
10 Legal Descriptions
11 Real Estate Contracts
12 Residential Mortgages
13 Types of Mortgages and Sources of Financing
14 Real Estate-Related Computations and Closing of Transactions
15 Real Estate Markets and Analysis
16 Real Estate Appraisal
17 Real Estate Investments & Business Opportunity Brokerage
18 Taxes Affecting Real Estate
19 Planning, Zoning, and Environmental Hazards
Real Estate Mathematics
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