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Novus Education provides you with all you need for a comprehensive and convenient learning experience to help you grow as a real estate professional

Novus Education Florida online real estate school has been assisting students online since 2020. We started Novus Education to bring our years of multi-state real estate experience to our students. Novus Education will help you reach you goals through a fully online experience.

About Novus Education - Online Florida Real Estate Schooling
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Expert Instructors, Decades of Experience

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Online Real Estate Courses Build a Successful Career in Florida

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About Novus Education - how to become a Florida real estate agent
Our goal

Making Online Real Estate Learning Simple

Not only do we specialize in Florida real estate, but our experience has taught us exactly how to help you master the course material you need to feel confident in passing your Pre-License Course, Florida state exams and eventually your required real estate Continuing Education course credits.

Sure, there are cheaper real estate classes out there from unaccredited schools but Novus Education is fully accredited school by the Florida Real Estate Commission. When you present your completion certificate you will not be turned away.

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